I love going to Disneyland (in Anaheim, CA) and Walt Disney World (in Orlando, FL.)

They are my all-time favorite vacation spots. Both have their pros and cons as a whole because each place has their own unique parks; the Magic Kingdom is the only park that is shared by all five locations worldwide, but even then, they are different from one another.

During the Winter season, I prefer to visit Walt Disney World. However, in the summer months, I love to go to Disneyland. I like Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom better overall, except during Winter because WDW goes all-out on their Christmas decorations.

Here’s some photos of my last trip to Disneyland.


Astro-Orbiter at night.  Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA


Grizzly River Run, Disney’s California Adventure, Anaheim, CA


California Screamin’, Disney’s California Adventure, Anaheim, CA