UND Defeats University of Nebraska, Omaha in Overtime on Saturday

Maeve Hushman, Sports Reporter

The University of North Dakota Men’s Basketball team is on a three-game winning streak. The Men’s basketball team’s season got off to a rocky start, but they are finally starting to find their footing. The University of North Dakota bested the University of Nebraska Omaha 76-73 in overtime.  

The game was tight from the very beginning. While UND was able to build up a lead in the first half, Omaha was quick to answer. The outcome of the first half looked dower until UND went on a run, not only catching up to Omaha but regaining the lead. By the end of the first half, UND was leading by the razor thin margin of one point.  

Head Coach Paul Sather credited that 12-point run at the end of the first half with helping boost the team’s momentum. “We finished with that twelve-two run. That was really critical for us. I just think it got us going in the locker room, up one and in a pretty good head space as a team…it settled us a little bit in that second-half,” Sather said.  

The second half was no less tumultuous with both teams exchanging leads and runs throughout the half. Omaha was able to tie the game in the dying seconds with two free throws. Early into overtime, it looked like all hope was lost when Omaha broke away with a six-point lead. With only two minutes left in overtime, UND needed 7 points to win.  

Then, Junior Tsotne Tsartsidze potted a three pointer to cut Omaha’s lead in half. UND started to chip away at Omaha’s lead as the seconds ticked away. Senior and Nebraska native, Brady Danielson would restore UND’s lead with a well-timed layup that also drew a foul, giving Danielson two free throw attempts. The 76th point would come off a free throw from Matt Norman to give UND a three-point lead to finish the game.  

Danielson said of his basket to give UND the lead, “Throughout that overtime, I kind of thought of those two free throws I missed late and then that three. I was just like I cannot go out like that. I gotta make a plan and on that last offensive play, BJ [BJ Novak] just made an unselfish play and found me.”  

While Danielson stayed humbled about his game winning layup, Norman took more time to elaborate on his teammate. “That is awesome for Brady, it is awesome for us…he is from Nebraska, it is his hometown team. Big time plays the whole game, like I do not understand. But he drew so many offensive fouls,” Norman said.  

Overall, the game was another huge step forward for UND who have been struggling to close out their games earlier this season.  

  “We have got four left, right, you know two more at home, four left and got a tough road trip coming up and there is opportunity there,” Sather said about the team’s final stretch of games. As the tournament gets closer, UND looks to build their momentum and continue to clean up their game.  

The University of North Dakota Men’s basketball team returns to the Betty Engelstad arena on February 23rd and 25th for their last regular season games.  


Maeve Hushman is a Dakota Student Sports Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected]