Take A Trip to the Toucan  

Aubrey Roemmich, General Reporter

Located in Grand Cities Mall, the Toucan International Market has become one of my favorite places in Grand Forks. The Toucan is a specialty grocery store that focuses on international foods and ingredients. They have an amazing variety of products that allows you to explore many different snacks, foods, and cultures. Some of my favorite things that the Toucan stocks are spicy chips from all around the world, a large variety of coffee, and a great selection of European chocolate.  

The variety of the Toucan allows for both regular grocery shopping and random excursions when you get a craving. They stock individual ingredients that are difficult to find in a Target or Walmart but are essential for many authentic Asian dishes, including various noodles and spices. Much to many college students’ joy, the Toucan also has a wide selection of ramen from several different Asian countries. Ranging from spicy to savory, these packs of ramen are much more exciting than what is found in regular grocery stores.  

The Toucan is also a great place to bring friends and family if you are looking for something fun to do. Something I enjoy doing with friends is going to the Toucan and picking out a bunch of snacks we have never had before and trying new things. This is how I discovered my favorite Lays Hot Pot chips and Milka chocolate from Germany. The Toucan also stocks a lot of fun sodas, flavored milks, and juice boxes; I recommend the melon flavored milk. It seems like a bizarre drink, but it is surprisingly very pleasant and tastes almost exactly like honey dew.  

The next time you have some time to kill and are feeling adventurous, I recommend taking a trip to the Toucan and find something new to try. Whether you show up with a certain recipe in mind and are looking for ingredients or if you just want a few fun snacks, there are aisles full of great food at the Toucan International Market. 


Aubrey Roemmich is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].