6 Easy Ways to Pick Up Extra Cash Quickly  

Kelsie Hildebrand, Editor-in-Chief

Being a college student can be a full-time job at times, and the struggle is real. Trying to maintain good grades, stay involved in any extracurricular activities that interest you, and hold a steady job can be hard to balance sometimes. Money is one thing that gets overwhelming for some people, and with each consecutive year it gets harder, but there are ways to stay on top of things financially.  


Door Dashing   

Registering as a door dasher is beneficial in providing fast, easy cash. The Dasher Direct card allows drivers to get paid immediately after completing a dash whether it was 30 minutes or two hours long. Some people may worry when it comes to door dashing because of the gas being “wasted” and the miles being put on your car seem not worth it, but the math adds up. And ultimately, it is quite a gig.   


Selling your clothes and other personal belongings to Plato’s closet or other hand-me-down retail stores is a great way to receive cash back instantly. It is not uncommon for young adults having a bit of a shopping problem, but like many others, I have more clothes than I need. Instead of tossing old clothes or personal items, selling them to retail stores or online makes sorting through your closet a couple times a year more compelling.   

Donating Plasma   

You can get paid a lot of money for donating plasma, but not all bodies are cut out for it. Your first appointment will be both a physical and a donation, and as a new donor, there is a special promotion that gives you an incentive to return. The doctors and nurses at plasma donation centers need to make sure you have no underlying health issues, recent body modifications, etc. before donating, but once you are good to go, the money starts rolling in.  

Ride Sharing   

Working for a ride sharing service may be a great way for some people to make fast, easy cash too. Uber and Lyft have opportunities for young adults to retirees to register as a driver. It may not be ideal in a place like Grand Forks, North Dakota, but Fridays and Saturdays are busy nights around the bars and other nightlife.   


Babysitting is great for people in the area to make an extra buck. Not only are you creating connections in the area, but you are getting paid to do so. Most times when people are looking for a babysitter is when mom and dad want a night out, so it is likely the kid will be in bed most of the time you are there anyways. Babysitting seems laid back and raiding the snack pantry is always a plus.   


Being a server is not only a great way to make good money, but depending on your place of employment it can be lenient when it comes to scheduling shifts. Working a few nights a week can bring in more cash than you may think. It may not be the most appealing job but going home after a 5-hour shift with a wad of cash in your hand feels nice.   


Most college students are just trying to make it through their 4 years of schooling without going completely broke because let’s face it, we all want to have fun still. It all comes down to making as much money as you can with as low of a time commitment as possible. We all have busy schedules, so you cannot be picky with your job. One day, we will look back on these days and laugh because we made it.   


Kelsie Hildebrand is the Dakota Student Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached at [email protected].