UND Falls to Seattle University

Maeve Hushman, Sports Reporter

The University of North Dakota men’s basketball team fell to Seattle University 78-80 in overtime. While UND looked dominant in the first half of the game, Seattle was able to rally and gain the lead. It was a dynamic and fast paced game that left everyone on the edge of their seat. It was also a great showing for many of UND’s first-year students who had increased their minutes and contributed to many key plays.  

Coming into this game, University of North Dakota was on a three-game losing streak with a 4-7 record and a home record of 3-2. Across the court, Seattle had a 6-1 record going 2-1 on the road.  

In the first half, UND played incredibly well. They got the lead up and it seemed like they could not stop scoring. At the end of the first half, the score was remarkably similar to the score at the end of the first half of the women’s game, 36-19. However, right out of the gate it was clear that Seattle was not finished yet. Seattle rallied back to gain the lead, scoring 51 points in the second half. In the last few minutes of the second half, it was a battle with the lead switching multiple times. The game tied 70-70 and was forced into overtime. However, despite UND scoring 8 points in overtime, Seattle came out victorious with Alex Schumacher scoring the game winning point with six seconds left in overtime. It was a disappointing loss for a team that had started off the game so strong.  

“They just hit shots when they needed to,” senior Brady Danielson said. “We did our job…Seattle has not been out-rebounded so far this year and we out-rebounded them by six or seven.” The team played a good game in the first half but in the second it came down to the minor difference makers, especially in a game that finished with only a two-point difference.  

“Turnovers and missed free throws hurt you,” Head Coach Paul Sather said. “There is a lot of things we can clean up and fix…We had 19 turnovers, and we did not shoot well for a lot. I just do not feel like we would have lost that game in overtime if we cleaned up a few of those things.”  

Sather credited Seattle’s ability to bounce back to their experience. “They got two guys in 5 and 11 that are all WAC…They are all conference dudes and I just think their experience kind of showed through,” Sather said. “They made some shots when they needed to make shots.”  

However, despite the upsetting outcome Sather’s sees a lot to be optimistic about. “They are a very good offensive team, and their percentages are high,” Sather said. “We kept them right around 40%.”  

He also praised UND’s play making abilities in the first half and their ability to battle even when Seattle pushed back. “It hurts, so if it does not hurt, there is a problem.”  

One of the biggest reasons for that, besides the playmaking abilities and solid defensive play highlighted by Sather, was the prominence of the first-year students. Elijah Brooks and BJ Omot, both played 33 minutes. Brooks led the team in points, scoring 17 in the game against Seattle.  

The UND Men’s basketball team takes on North Central University on the 12th at the Betty and looks to build off the positives from this game and snap their losing streak. They will open conference play against St. Thomas on the 19th.  

 Maeve Hushman is a Dakota Student Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].