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The What, Where, and Why for UND Resources 

Claire Arneson, Editor

The University of North Dakota can be considered a small but mighty campus. They take strides towards catering to their students and making sure they have the resources they need to be a success. Our education is valued, and the money we pay should go towards ways to make college easier for students such as resources around campus. When I talk about resources, I am not just talking about our apparent amenities such as Student Health Services, advisors, and dining. There are so many resources on this campus that are for you, and only you to use! These resources may be hidden from the eye, but they are there, and you should use them to get your money’s worth at UND.  

University Counseling Center/CVIC   

Did you know that the university offers free counseling? The University Counseling Center, located on the second floor of McCannel Hall, offers free counseling services to UND students. You can call and set up an appointment or set one up online. They have many counselors to choose from that can help with a variety of services. They offer counseling services for groups, workshops, individuals, and substance use.  Having a bad day? You can give them a call and set up an emergency counseling session that same day. The people who work there want to help you, and they are a great set of staff to get to know.  

Some of the groups and workshops they offer are Stress Less where you can talk about ways to manage the stress in your life. The other one being offered currently is CONNECT, which helps those of us just coming into college learn to communicate with others about this stressful transition. The UND Counseling Center even has an app for students to download. According to their website, Wellbeing “brings together a wide range of tools, resources, and strategies to help you implement healthy habits, improve your well-being, and monitor your progress,.”   

Right next to UCC is CVIC, Community Violence Intervention Center, at UND. Their focus is to “prevent violence, to promote safety, and to build hope,” according to their website. Like UCC, they offer a variety of services such as in-person appointments, advocacy, support for intimate partner violence, and other ways in assisting you. They also offer Prevention and Education Services to teach about ways we can help in such situations.   

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities   

The University’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is a great resource to remember and understand. The office does not just enforce the student code of conduct and execute disciplinary services to students. If you have had a life changing event that has caused you to miss classes, they will communicate with your instructors on your behalf. They are your advocates, and they will fight so that your needs are met. They offer support through disability services, discrimination, sexual misconduct and more. If you need to report anything, they also have a live chat where you can talk to someone about what is going on.   

Wellness Center  

The Wellness Center is not just for getting your workout on. The building also offers a lot of activities and things to do. For example, did you know they have a  Zen Den? This space of relaxation has a massage chair, CDs and DVDs, and a Zen garden. All you need to do to access this room is to ask for the key at the front desk with your student ID. On the first floor by the ping pong table, there is also a Resource Lounge where you can look at pamphlets and online resources about your well-being! This is also a great study space when hunkering down to study!  

While you are at the welcome desk, you can ask to check out sports equipment to use! They have volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, and more! While this equipment is available to check out for free, the Outpost offers more activities to check out for the day! They have tents, rollerblades, and even canoes and kayaks! As the dreaded winter rolls in, you can get snowboards, skis, and ice skates to stay active in the great outdoors.   

Along with basic gym equipment, the Wellness Center offers a wide variety of classes. They have group exercises such as night cycling, Zumba, and kickboxing, but they offer cooking classes as well. Culinary Corner is a cooking demonstration class that is offered many times throughout the year. The current in-person class they are offering is  the Happy Healthy Harvest series where you can learn how to make healthy delicious food. The next date is November 4th where they will be making pumpkin ravioli. Cannot make it in person? Thats okay! They have a virtual class, Cheap, Fast, and Healthy with many more recipes for you to make.  

Chester Fritz Library  

At the heart of UND’s Campus lies the Chester Fritz Library, a great place to do homework, study, and just hang out. The Library has study rooms, tons of books, artifacts, and more! On the first floor, you may notice the UIT desk. They can help you with Wi-Fi or computer problems while you are at school. Next to them is a 3-D printer, which you can learn more about in the 3-D printing workshop offered. On the second floor by the Knowledge Commons, you will find the PRC desk. Peer Research Consultants are catered towards undergraduate students, and they help with research questions for classes or even just finding a good book to read. You can also access your subject librarian at the library who will help you with your major.   

Along with this service, the Library offers a variety of workshops throughout the year. Whether it is for your ENGL 130 class or using citations, they have someone that can help! Other amenities at the Library are One Button Studio where students and faculty can record presentations or speeches in a professional space. On the third floor of the library, there is the writing center. There you can get help editing papers, and resumes, and assistance with writing in general.   

Career Center/One Stop  

The Career Services on campus is located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union and offers a wide variety of helpful tips and tricks to students. They offer appointments with a career mentor to talk about resumes and curriculum vitae. They have career expos – both virtual and in-person- where students can network and make connections before graduation. Along with this, they offer free headshots every once and a while for students and alumni. And they offer a variety of checklists and works shops for interviews, and preparing for a job as a whole.   

Right next to the Career Center is One Stop Student Services. Here students can request help with financial aid understanding, scholarship applications, and more! This is also where you can get a new U-Card if yours is lost or stolen. They are the hub to being connected with other resources as well, such as career services and student employment.   

As you can see, UND has many things to offer its students when it comes to their well-being, and education. These resources are for you to utilize, so get out there and get the bang for your buck here at UND!   

Claire Arneson is a Dakota Student Section Editor. She can be reached at [email protected].