We live in a society that is dictated by time.

It is divvied up, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, breath by breath. Time is life, is society, is us. So why, why, whhhyyy can’t we agree on what time it actually is.

The most irritating thing that happens to me on a regular basis is arriving to class right on time (seriously, as the clock turns) only to wait for a professor who is running two minutes off from the entire student population. I’m sure I’m not the only one who cringes slightly at this far too frequent occurrence.

UND’s clocks are flawed. They run two minutes late as if assuming that students will follow those instead of their phones.


Students are following their satellite-set, digital clocks on their phone lock screen.

Professors are following hand-set, analogue clock faces that are probably remnants from the first incarnation of the UND campus.

And we are missing each other.

I’m sick of professors getting to class late and then making students late for their next class. Frankly, it’s not their fault, but the clocks are wrong and someone needs to fix them.

No one has time for inaccurate clocks.