Student Discounts for UND students


Dominique Menard, News Editor

One of the many benefits of being a college student are the discounts that you can get with your student I.D. There are many national discounts that you can find for different restaurants, clothing stores, etc., but have you ever looked at what specific deals you can score in Grand Forks? Student Government at UND has a helpful webpage with all of the local deals for college students looking to save money on their favorite items. 

The list of discounts is broken down into three categories: Apparel, Automotive & Gas, Boutiques & Gifts, and Hotels; Entertainment & Restaurants; and Hair & Beauty, Health Care and Fitness. The discounts range to percentages off purchases, discounted prices, free services, etc. Many (if not all) of the discounts are unique to the Grand Forks community, so saving money at your favorite Grand Forks boutique or specialty restaurant is easier now. Here are some of my favorites that are offered to UND students: 

Valley Diary offers reduced gas prices for UND students. Filling up the gas tank really frequently can cost a lot of money, but 6 cents off/gallon with cash and 3 cents off/gallon with card makes a big difference. Check the website for participating Valley Diary locations in Grand Forks. 

Kittsona Boutique is one of my favorite boutiques to shop at in Grand Forks. Although shopping is one of my personal favorite hobbies, it can become quite pricey when multiple items are wanted. At Kittsona, you are able to get 10% off one item every visit! If that doesn’t make you want to shop more, what will? 

Blue Moose is a Grand Forks staple. If you buy a beverage and a tapas menu, you will be able to receive one tapas menu item at half price. This discount is the perfect reason to go out to dinner with friends or family! Nothing beats good food with good company. 

Coldstone is the perfect place for an after dinner (or any time) treat. Coldstone offers 50% off if you pay cash and have your student I.D. on Tuesdays from 5-9pm. Even on the cold nights in the winter months, ice cream from Coldstone can make any day better! 

All you have to do to get these deals is show your student ID, and you’ll save money towards your purchase! College can be expensive, but with these discounts, you can do all the things that you want and need to do. Find specifics about the discounts here.   


Dominique Menard is a Dakota Student News Editor. She can be reached at [email protected]