The Big Chop

Why you should cut your hair


Demetria Slyt, Opinion Editor

Hair is an important aspect of how we as individuals might present ourselves, our cultures, or our beliefs. While many hair stylists recommend getting your hair cut regularly to support its overall health, changing or cutting your hair can be very thrilling, if not anxiety inducing. It can also feel very liberating or cathartic to make a big change in your image. So, why should you cut your hair? More importantly, why should you do the “big chop” at least once in your life? What are some of the pros and cons? 

Many people, much like myself, prefer having shorter hair. A big part of that is short hair is relatively easier to take care of and very low maintenance. I have been there and done that with my hair over the years, from the bob hairstyle to the pixie cut. I only recently started holding off on getting haircuts. That decision was influenced largely by the pandemic. The goal of my current hair journal is to grow it out long enough to donate to charity based organizations such as Locks of Love, which provide wigs to children suffering from medical hair loss or cancer. That is why many people make the decision to go short, to help someone in need. So that is one option to consider in your own hair journey.  

Another reason to cut your hair short, as I briefly mentioned above, is because it can be very liberating and empowering to make a big change like that. This past year there has been a big trend with women shaving their heads for that reason alone. I think the concept or appeal of this revolves around the idea that hair doesn’t make you who you are but still contributes to people’s identities. A significant amount of time goes into making a big change; with this change symbolizing a fresh start. That idea also ties into exploring a new presentation of your identity or stepping outside of your comfort zone. Making or desiring big changes often occurs when something has happened in your life, such as breakup for instance. Studies have found that people are most likely to change their appearance as a reaction to major events that shift our life or self-confidence. It can be empowering to change something within our control. 

I believe people should cut their hair short at least once in a lifetime. If not only for the experience and the possible boost in confidence or general feeling of empowerment. However, there are a few pros and cons to cutting your hair short that you should be aware of before diving in. For example, it does take a while to grow out short hair and you may have to find alternative ways of styling it, unlike long hair that you can wear in a ponytail. When growing it out there is a bit of a shaggy awkward stage you have to get through if you want to go back to long hair.  

Some of the pros include less maintenance with washing, brushing, and etc. Short hair is also very trendy at the moment and can draw just as much attention as longer hair. Another pro is that cutting your hair short leaves room for your hair to restart and grow back very healthy. On top of that, cutting your hair is something that is entirely in your control. After stressful situations where things seem out of control you are able to regain that sense of self and make yourself feel a little more at ease. 

You can do whatever you want to your hair, but never be afraid to make a change or do something different. Cutting your hair can be exciting and give you a big boost in confidence. While it may seem scary, hair is just hair and it will always grow back even if it takes some time. Making the decision to go short can lead to a fresh start and it can even lend a hand to those in need.  


Demetria Slyt is a Dakota Student Opinion Editor. She can be reached at [email protected].