Senate may move meeting

DATES Student senators discussed the possibility of having session on Wednesday.

Discussion at Sunday’s Student Senate meeting centered around a possible new weekly meeting time.

Executives are pushing for a Wednesday evening meeting time next semester as a way to increase attendance by other members of the UND community.

“We chose Wednesday evenings since, according to the Registrar’s office, that’s when the least amount of classes take place,” Student Body President Nick Creamer said. “If we try to accommodate everyone’s schedules, we’ll be back here on Sundays.”

Some senators were not on board with the idea.

“As a nursing student, we often barely have time to get our homework done during the week,” Sen. Cyndi Burich said during discussion. “Some of our clinicals can take up to 12 hours.”

Sen. Sean McClain agreed, adding he already planned his class schedule and commercial aviation flight hours for next semester.

“I know I’m going to have to resign if we change it,” McClain said. “Sundays are the most convenient days and, historically, seemed liked the best.”

There was no vote to change the time discussed, but it will continue to be discussed next week — if senate has a meeting next week.

“We’re still deciding if there will be a meeting next week, since the five members of our executive board will be out of town,” Student Body Vice President Lexi Hanson said.

The executive team will be attending the American Student Government Association’s national conference in Washington, D.C. from Oct. 3-6.

Other news

Senate also approved a new member to the Student Organizational Funding Agency, freshman economics major Chase Johnson.

Public Relations Coordinator Joe Kalka then reminded everyone to sign up for Monster Patrol, which organizes volunteers to work as crossing guards in various Grand Forks neighborhoods on Halloween night, when young children are trick–or-treating. This is Student Government’s fourth year participating.

“We help to maintain a safe environment on Halloween,” Kalka said.

This was followed by comments from College of Arts and Sciences Senator Averi Haugesag regarding University Program Council.

“I got to look at all the info for some upcoming events. I highly encourage all of you to support UPC by coming to them,” Haugesag said. “Some of them look really fun.”

These events include the Lutheran Campus Ministry of North Dakota’s “Outrageous Faith” music festival on Oct. 3 and a performance by comedian Joseph Tran on Oct. 18.

Jaye Millspaugh is the multimedia editor of The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].