Hey, what’s up. So, I may have mentioned once or twice that I actually wrote a poem that got published in Northern Electa vol. 5, I believe it was. If anybody is interested in reading it, I shall put it here, if you aren’t interested in reading it, I shall put it here anyway.

I dream of rectangles in a circular world.

A place where flags are proudly unfurled.

If you doubt me, and I’m sure that you do,

Just remember that everything I say is true.

I believe in rainbows with a heart of gold,

At least that’s the story that I was told.

Puppies and unicorns are not the same at all,

but you can still buy them both at your local mall.

I realize that words cannot describe my feelings,

but I also know that floors are just upside-down ceilings.

I think that I would sleep better some nights,

if only I could remember to turn out the lights.

Not that I’m usually forgetful, definitely not,

now I had something else to say, but I forgot.