Pick Up After Yourself

Mason Dunleavy, Opinion Writer

As we are facing a massive garbage problem around the world, it makes me wonder why some people still do not give a damn about the environment. On my walk to class, I see the streets littered with beer cans, broken bottles and loads of trash that students throw on the side of the road. Am I the only one who wants a decent looking campus?


Now the typical response to that, “why don’t you pick it up then?” The thing is, I should not have to. Nobody should have to pick up another person’s trash. Does mommy still hold your hand when you cross the road? Does it just look sick when you spike the can on the ground? With some students having no issues with their finances, while also partying nearly every day, it makes me wonder if they have a care in the world at all.


Grand Forks and UND are losing money picking up your trash. They have to divert resources in order to maintain the appearance of the streets. So, by throwing your trash on the sidewalks or streets, not only are you making the university look bad, but you are also wasting taxpayer money and your money by making people pick up the mess you made.


Who would want to go to a university that is littered with trash? The university is losing money with fewer students enrolling. Trash everywhere is not going to help that problem. Why wouldn’t we want more money coming into the university that doesn’t involve raising tuition? That means better infrastructure and more resources for students.


Is it a lack of respect for others, or just simple laziness? The only way this problem is going to be fixed is if people start caring. Fix the problem before it becomes a problem, just throw it away. Take the extra step.


I want a university that I’m proud of. A university that I can come back to and admire the beauty of its long-standing traditions. UND was founded in 1883. Why are we trashing something that has been around longer than the state itself? Take a second and think about something other than yourself before you make decisions.


This should apply to the rest of the world also, not just the campus. Do we want a sustaining Earth or do we want to live in a landfill? I would rather not live in trash, but that decision is not entirely up to me. If everyone picked up their trash and recycled what they could this would not be a problem.


Should we make more incentives to throw trash away and recycle? I do not know if even that would work. It bewilders me that some people lack the decency to clean up after themselves. It is not that hard, people.


What about other countries that do not care about the environment? It is a fair argument, but when has the United States been known as a trend follower? Why not make the first step towards a healthier Earth? If everyone cared about each other just a little more, the world would be a better place.


I understand that a Busch Light or a few gulps of Fireball can help with weekly stress endured from school work, but be responsible with your trash. Throw it away. You could wash it out and recycle it too if that doesn’t take too much time out of your busy day.