Quick access to millennials dream bank

The Venmo card


Megan Vogt, Opinions Editor

It is 2019. Our advancements of technology are increasing day by day. From phones that unlock with a scan of our faces to cars that drive themselves to transferring money within seconds. One of the latest trends is Venmo. Venmo is an app that allows the transfer of money from bank account to bank account within seconds. One of the latest things that released Venmo is a physical Venmo Card.


The Venmo card is Mastercard that allows you to use your Venmo balance wherever you want without the hassle of waiting for it to be transferred into your bank account, or pay the 25 cents service fee for instant transfer. It is a debit card that can be controlled within the app. If you are to misplace or lose your card, you can deactivate it within seconds straight from the app. If you find it, you are able to reactivate it within the app. It is a millennials dream bank.


Having a Venmo account is almost expected. Just like most people expect you to have a Facebook or Snapchat account, it is assumed that college aged students have a Venmo account. It is almost the latest trend in social media. Not in the fact that you can update your status or show the world the picture of you holding a parrot on some island in the dead of winter because you are “missing the warm weather,” but rather it is a technology advancement that can help engage social activities.


Having a Venmo account in general now allows for spontaneous trips to McDonalds to get a Diet Coke if you don’t have your wallet handy, a quick split up of the tab after ordering Deeks Pizza, or splitting the cost of an Uber without worrying about when people will pay you back.


I think the Venmo Card is something that is useful if you get venmoed often. I personally do not use Venmo as often as other people do, usually I am the one that is paying another person. So having a card that I wouldn’t use just takes up space. With that being said, I am totally someone who would hop on the bandwagon of getting a card because they are really pretty and super sleek looking.


If you do get venmoed a lot, I think having the free card would be very beneficial. The 24-hour transaction service is annoying. The consistent rate of $0.25 for an instant transfer adds up very quickly. With the card, you are able to simply swipe it when you need to, rather than planning transactions around when you will get money back to you.


If you don’t get venmoed often, you can always get the free card to have in your wallet as decoration. Or if you are like me and like to have your Venmo balance high so you use that to Venmo others rather than spending other money, maybe avoid the temptation of having the card within quick use.


I do think that the card is a great idea! It is slick, fast, conventional and affordable (did I mention that it is free). I think it speaks to our generation as college students, but it also depends on how often you use the app to receive money from others to determine if it practical for you.