Math Lab Mania

Sasha Leibold, Writer

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As the 2018-2019 fall semester gets underway, students enrolled in math classes find it hard to fit in three hours a week in the math lab, which is needed to pass their classes, due to lack of enough computers or finding the right time to go. Students who are enrolled in math classes are required to attend class once a week for 50 minutes, the other days you are supposed to spend in the math lab or at home. But what if there isn’t enough computers or the times don’t work for you?


A teacher at UND who teaches Math 103 and requires her students to spend time in the math lab.


“There are 20 desktop computers available to use in the mall and 20 laptops students can use upon request,” she said. “We very rarely run out of laptops to handout. Students are also told when they enroll that there is additional MALL time”.


The math lab is open Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-4pm and Sunday 4pm-9pm. But, what if you have a job? Work-study? It becomes hard to fit in these three hours that are needed every week.


Jenna Peneueta-Snyder a math student in this class tells us how hard it can be to get in the required math hours.  


“I have class during the same time as the math lab hours so it’s hard for me to get in the hours required,” Peneueta-Synder said. “But I try to fit in the hours whenever I can, I usually try to do an hour.”


The math lab can hold up to 120 students but the max is 130 students. According to Jenna, students have been told they can’t be in the math lab due to it being too full. So, what if that was the only time you could go and get your three hours in only to be told there’s no room? Although these problems seem to be getting fixed, students still struggle to find time to get their three hours in.