UND Intramural sports keeping students active

Madison Overby, Sports Writer

Intramural volleyball started up last week at the Wellness Center. The season runs for about five weeks; the regular season lasts until late April. However, if teams make it to tournaments the season can potentially be longer.  

There are four leagues that students are able to choose between. There are the basic men’s and women’s divisions, as well as Co-Recreational Division I and CoRec Division II. Players are able to choose which league to sign up for and who they sign up with. It’s also possible to sign up with a random team as long as the captain approves it.  

A sophomore at UND, Chelsea Berg, is the captain of a women’s league team called the One Hit Wonders. Berg played volleyball in junior high and high school and took a volleyball class at UND. She signed up with a group of girls who had all played volleyball in high school and jumped at the chance to play competitively again. 

There’s also people involved at the other end of the spectrum. A lot of people join intramurals purely for the fun of it, with not much background in the sport. Cameran Jorda, a freshman at UND, is captain of the Young Thugs in the men’s league.  

“I just set up a team full of my buddies and myself,” Jorda said. “It’s definitely a good way to stay somewhat competitive in activities.” 

Jorda also played intramural basketball in the fall.  

Freshman Sophia Scott, captain of Block-a-Flocka Flame, in the CoRec Division II league, couldn’t agree more that intramurals are for having a good time. 

“I picked division two because everyone is about having fun while getting to play competitively,” Scott said. “Not everyone there has played the sport so you feel comfortable and overall have more fun.” 

The Division I league is more of a competitive experience than Division II.  

Megan Lauck is graduating with a Masters of Occupational Therapy this May and is currently captain of The Last Set in the CoRec Division 1 League. Lauck has played summer league volleyball, intramurals and played volleyball in high school. She also played on the UND basketball team during her undergrad and continues to play basketball intramurals as well.  

“To be honest, I’m very competitive so I’d prefer to play with people who have played before,” Lauck said. “I typically sign up for the division one leagues and I play on CoRec teams.” 

Lauck’s goal for her team is to win the championship.  

“My favorite part (about intramural volleyball) is getting together with friends in a competitive setting, having fun and winning,” Lauck said.  

Although all four captains come from different backgrounds and have different goals for their teams, they all agree on one thing: Everyone looking for something to do should try out intramurals.  

“I would encourage others to get involved in intramurals even if they’re not the most experienced,” Chelsea Berg said. “You can always improve and intramurals are a fun way to make new friends and have new experiences.” 

On top of that, there isn’t much of a time commitment involved. The games take place once a week and practices aren’t required. Depending on the team they may try to get together during the week for a laid back practice but others just show up to the games, which is highly preferable to Cameron Jorda and his team.  

“Why practice when we could be playing Fortnite?” Jorda said.  

Madison Overby is a sports writer for Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]