Love for the mountains

Quinn Robinson-Duff, Staff Writer

There is only one place with gorgeous smiles and friendly faces all year long, with people ecstatic to be alive; the mountains. Mountains are beautiful, breathtaking and offer unlimited access to the outdoors all year long. They truly are one of the best places to live.

Almost anything is possible in the mountains, whether it be white water rafting through the Colorado River or riding down epic peaks on a snowboard, the opportunities seem to have no end. Hiking is the greatest activity in the world in the summertime. It offers exercise, tricky terrain and spectacular views that are like none other. The views are rewarding too. After a long hike up a mountain, the opportunity to look across the landscape and watch the sunset between the clouds and mountains is incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, ocean sunsets are just as beautiful but not as rewarding. Everything in the mountains is something worked for. The joy and excitement – it all makes everything better. Being able to put yourself into strenuous situations then see where it took you brings a tidal wave of euphoria that is unmatched.

Downhill mountain biking is also another amazing activity to do in the mountains. It’s a roller-coaster that you can control. Going through tight bends at high speeds while enjoying some of the best views in the world offers sublime feelings pumping through the hearts and minds of anyone who does it.

But, as the snow starts to fall and the winter approaches, the mountains begin to offer another incredible resource: a fresh layer of snow, known as powder. When riding down a mountain, it’s unrivaled to any other feeling in the world. Riding fresh powder down a steep run is nirvana, pure bliss.

The first time I ever rode powder is more memorable then losing my virginity. In fact, whenever I’m having a bad or rough day I close my eyes and envision that day all over again. Gliding through 21 inches of fresh powder is something any snowboarder or skier should do in their lifetime. It is utterly incredible.

The downfall to this, however, is being spoiled. Once you’ve rode fresh powder, regular mountain riding will never be the same. You will always want to go back to that feeling you had and will never want to let it go for dear life.

Another great part about the mountains are those who live there. Everyone who lives in the mountains are liberal, adventurous and outgoing. They come from all over and choose to live there because of the lifestyle. They get any job they can so they can live and be ski bums in the mountains.

The locals always have a smile to their faces and are interested to hear about anything mountain related. Also, the approach they have to snow compared to elsewhere in the world is the best. In most cities and towns when a snow storm approaches they hate it and just want it to go away. In the mountains you can never get enough snow, the more the merrier.

Living and going to anywhere with mountains will offer some of the most memorable times of a person’s life, hand down.

Quinn Robinson-Duff is a opinion writer for Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected]