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Former Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs speaks on changes in the local newspaper lansdcape as part of a media and journalism panel discussion Wednesday, March 21, 2018 in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl.

The Truth and Lies of Art, Politics, Justice and History

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer March 26, 2018

This years UND Writers Conference aimed to create discussion about the truth and lies within art, politics, justice and history. No matter what field a person is in they aim to bring light and truth...

UND Writer's Conference director Crystal Alberts introduces

UND Writers Conference

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer March 26, 2018

As we trudge through a grey and temperamental spring, there is a bright ray of sunshine that the community of Grand Forks looks forward to every year: The UND Writers Conference. Amidst the snow and wind...

Michael Prewitt, Marcy Gross and Joe Andrus perform as The Flatt Mountain Bluegrass Boys during a concert Friday night at Half Brothers Brewing Company. Trevor Alveshere / Dakota Student

Jamming in the bluegrass

Aimee Coons, Arts & Communities Writer March 5, 2018

Bluegrass music isn’t something one would think to hear in Grand Forks, North Dakota but the Flatt Mountain Bluegrass Boys brought an excellent musical experience to their audience at Half Brothers Brewing...

The Feast of Nations

The Feast of Nations

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer February 26, 2018

The night was filled with excitement as more than a thousand people filled the Alerus Center for the Feast of Nations. My editor Devon Abler and I dressed to the nines and were very excited for the festivities....

Graphic by Shiny Mahlum

B. J. Armani’s drag show

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer February 26, 2018

I had never been to a drag show before, but when a good friend invited me to come to  B.J. Armani’s Cabaret I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.   We arrived at the American Legion in East Grand...

The Price Is Right Live stage show came to the Chester Fritz Auditorium on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

The Price Is Right

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer February 11, 2018

The Chester Fritz Auditorium buzzed with pure excitement as the audience waited with bated breath for the Price is Right Live to start. The auditorium was packed with people. The main floor seating...

Liam Coons spars with a lightsaber combat instructor at LudoSport Grand Forks on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Move like a Jedi, sting with the Force

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer February 4, 2018

I felt as if I were stepping into an alternate universe as the hum of lightsabers met my ears.  I watched the lightsabers glow and dance as I waited for my first lesson in lightsaber combat to start....

Liam Coons and his mother, Aimee, color on paper on the North Dakota Museum of Art gallery floor late Saturday morning.

Family day at the North Dakota Museum of Art

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer January 28, 2018

The North Dakota Museum of Art was filled with laughter from the families attending this month's family day event. The event promotes art for our diverse community and is free to the public. Since...

Art made by children at the University Children's Learning Center was on display at the Gorecki Alumni Center for Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 15, 2018.

The dream in action

Aimee Coons, Arts & Community Writer January 21, 2018

In true North Dakota form, January 15, 2018 had below zero temperatures and freezing winds. However, the daunting weather conditions did not stop the community of Grand Forks and the students of UND from...

UND students study in recently renovated spaces on the second floor of the Chester Fritz Library.

Rethinking the college experience

Aimee Coons, Staff Writer November 19, 2017

The fall semester is ending at a rapid pace. Students are scrambling to finish papers, complete projects and attempting to start studying for their finals. As I sit trying to organize my week, my to do...

Rating your professors

Rating your professors

Aimee Coons, Staff Writer November 5, 2017

The fall semester is coming quickly to a close and registration for spring semester is here. As students gear up to register for the next semester, discussion begins with opinions on professors. For many...

Human and sex trafficking on the home front

Aimee Coons, Staff Writer October 29, 2017

On Oct. 20, 2017, the UND Law School hosted a panel discussing the crisis of human trafficking in the United States, specifically in the North Dakota area. Mediating the panel was John Clark, former President...

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