Campus after classes end

It’s almost that time of year again, the time we have all been waiting for — summer break! Most people are packing up and getting ready to head back home for the summer, but there are a few of us brave souls who choose to stay in Grand Forks.

Some people choose to stay in Grand Forks to take summer classes at UND, some stay and work and some stay just because they want to. I am one of those staying up in Grand Forks to work.

Now some people might be wondering, “Why on earth would you voluntarily stay in Grand Forks for the summer?”  As someone who is from the twin cities, I asked myself that same question at first.

As I stated before, the main reason I am staying in Grand Forks is to work. Yes, I could go back to the same job I have had for the past few summers, but I am ready for something new. Plus, there is the fact that I will be able to keep the job throughout the school year as well.

This is going to be my first year staying up in Grand Forks for the summer and I am very excited about it. I see it as bringing a new side to my independence. I am really starting to be on my own and not relying on my parents.

Another perk to staying in Grand Forks this summer is I get to be near all of my close friends I have met at school. During the summer it is weird being away from the people you are used to seeing everyday. Instead of road tripping up to Grand Forks once a month, you can just see your friends whenever you want!

Also, to some people’s disbelief, there are fun things to do in Grand Forks in the summer. For the 21+ crowd, there is always downtown where you can enjoy the weather and not freeze walking from bar to bar.

For the not 21+ crowds, there are also many other fun things do. For example, there are a few places that offer tubing down the river; they might not be in Grand Forks but they are a close enough drive that you can make a day out of it. There is also a frolf (Frisbee golf) course in Grand Forks that is a lot of fun to spend the day at. When all else fails you can grab a blanket and have a picnic!

You can also plan fun road trips for the summer with your friends to places like the cities to go to a twins game or spend the day at ValleyFair. If you are feeling more ambitious, you can go to further places and make a week out of it.

There is also nothing wrong with just spending the day laying out in the grass and just enjoying the sunshine!

If you plan on staying in Grand Forks this summer, make the most out of it and enjoy your time before we’re back at the old grind in the fall!

Gaspardo can be reached at [email protected]