Tips for surviving finals week

With finals week right around the corner, most students are turning their mind to studying, papers and finishing out the last few weeks of the semester. Despite the amount of work, there are ways to reduce stress. Here are five tips to help make the final haul more bearable.

Plan it out — A study schedule can make a big difference in reducing stress by allowing one to track how much time they’ve put into a particular subject, and how much more they need.

Get some sleep — Research shows that teens and young adults need around nine hours of sleep each night in order to function to the best of their ability. Information is better absorbed when the mind is well rested.

Get the right fuel — Certain foods, such as fish and berries, can improve concentration, while others — such as sweets and carbs — can leave the body lethargic. A proper diet along with plenty of water can improve function and performance leading up to exams.

Take breaks — It is a good idea to break up periods of studying with other activities. This allows one to keep their energy up and to concentrate more fully while studying.

Eat breakfast — Not only is eating breakfast an important part of fueling one’s body, but studies show that breakfast can improve short-term memory and attention, leading to better performance in the classroom.