BLOG: Music

Now, let’s talk about something that everyone can connect on in some way….music!

We all have a favorite song, favorite band, favorite genre, etc. What we listen to defines us, in a way. It is the words we are often too scared to say to the rest of the world. Whether we love the lyrics or the beat or the melody, there is something about music that almost everyone loves.

For me, it’s the music that no one else seems to listen to. I don’t mean to say I am a “hipster”, I just like the music that is uncommon on Top 40 radio, per say.

Lately, I have been absolutely hooked on Hoodie Allen’s music. His lyrics are so touching and really speak to the reality I find myself trapped in.

My favorite song by Hoodie Allen is “No Faith in Brooklyn.” If you get the chance, look it up. But for those that don’t have time, I will clue you in. The chorus ends with “If I move out one day, it will make me a better man. But I don’t want to leave this place, no faith in Brooklyn.”

To me, there is so much meaning behind those simple words. I see it as leaving home would make me better, but I don’t want to leave home even if I no longer have faith in home. But, how someone thinks of the lyrics can depend on their experiences.

I first became addicted to music as a kid listening to Mitch Malloy, a singer that used to be friends with my dad. It was enlightening to hear songs about where I am from, in the words of someone famous.

He hasn’t made super popular music but I will always love it. Recently, Malloy just did a cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I was Your Man.” I hated the song before because Mars’ voice just grates on me. After hearing the lyrics from Malloy though, I was able to actually see the beauty in the lyrics Mars created.

For me, music has been a friend, a lover, and a guide. Now you go find your life changing music.