BLOG: Jury duty


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So here we are. It’s almost Halloween. Actually, that has nothing to do with my blog entry today, but I thought I’d throw it in there.

So if I haven’t mentioned this in the past week or so, I got called to jury duty. And while I can’t tell you the details of the case, I will share a bit about my experience so far.

First of all, government buildings are scary. Some of you may disagree with me but I find them downright intimidating. I’m not even a delinquent or a felon but they still freak me out. So entering the courthouse was pretty nerve wracking.

Then comes the whole selection process. There was more than double of what a normal trial requires for jurors so the process took what felt like ages. We all figured we’d be out of there by noon. Nope. I stayed until five pm.

When you watch CSI or court shows on TV, they are totally dramatized. It may seem like an obvious statement. Like duh, that’s why they’re in the drama genre. But you really don’t realize just how much until you get into a real courtroom. It’s pretty interesting.

I’m on the actual jury. So that means I have to report for the trial. I’m interested to learn more about the court system via something other than Law and Order.

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