Letter to the editor: Opinions

Thank you for publishing the recent DS View on opinion columns in student newspapers, particularly The Dakota Student. I, too, remember the difficult balancing act that is student vs. professional and how it is often a fine line to walk. I commend your staff on tackling the tough issues and pushing the boundaries on modern topics.

Consequently, I want the UND student body to remember that newspapers are never going to lay off the controversial issues and while, you may argue, that sex, partying and alcohol may not be featured columns in larger, mainstream newspapers, The Dakota Student is poised to represent a community that is faced daily with such issues and topics.

I may not be a student anymore, but I will always respect and never underestimate the power of a collegiate newspaper. If you have a voice that desires to be heard, always remember that the DS has the power to amplify it. Use that power, but use it with caution.

Thank you again, editorial board, for collectively defending our rights as journalists.

Christen Furlong

former Dakota StudentĀ